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Medical Update 

Early Detection and Examinations for Cancer

November 23, 2014


Man Alive! (United Productions of America, 1952)  

In animated cartoons, an analogy is made between a man with a badly functioning car and a man with physical symptoms which could indicate the presence of a neoplasm. The various stages of denial are illustrated. Unprofessional advice is heard, and quick fix remedies are tried. The car owner finally goes to a good garage and pays heavily to have his car repaired, a bill which would have been small if he had taken his car in at the first sign of trouble. The man decides not to make the same mistake with his body that he made with his car. He goes to see his doctor because he has had indigestion, one of the possible symptoms of cancer. Some myths about cancer are debunked. Cancer therapies are outlined. The growth of cancer cells within the body is illustrated. The seven danger signals of cancer are given. Yearly physical check-ups are advised.
Produced by United Productions of America.
American Cancer Society.


Cancer and Hearing Loss














Cancer Research Now: Palliative Care 

Dr. Ann O'Mara, head of palliative care research in NCI's Division of Cancer Prevention, and Dr. Ann Berger, chief of the NIH Clinical Center's Pain and Palliative Care Service, explain what palliative care is and comment on a recent study of palliative care published in the New England Journal of Medicine. The video accompanies a written article published September 7, 2010 in the NCI Cancer Bulletin.

You Are the Key to HPV Cancer Prevention 

Every year, 27,000 men & women are affected by HPV--related cancers. Most of these can be prevented by vaccinating boys and girls ages 11--12. Watch a short video that emphasizes the importance of prevention from 3 different perspectives¬--an OB-GYN who treats cervical cancer daily, a pediatrician & mom who vaccinated her own daughters, and a cervical cancer survivor. As a clinician, you are the key to closing the door to cancer today. For more info visit


HPV Cancer and Hearing Loss


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